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Maverick – 5501 Meat Grinder

Maverick - 5501 Meat Grinder

Now you can control the quality and timing of processing your deer, elk, pheasant, or other game.

The Maverick’s 5501 uses a 575-watt motor to grind over 23 pounds of meat in only 10 minutes! Runs quieter than other grinders. Can be operated continuously so you can turn that whole 30 point buck into sausage! The grinder’s 100% duty cycle means you can grind for hours on end with Maverick meat grinders without the overheating

Precision manufactured stainless steel plates and knives thoroughly grind all types of meat, cheese, vegetables, or nuts. Stomper, sausage stuffer tube, and spacer are included. The motor features a shear coupler that prevents expensive damage to the motor and transmission. So if you miss a hard bone, it won’t mean the end of your grinder. The grinder has a ninety-day mfg. warranty for home use.

Honor your game by making your own high-quality sausage.

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